The Test-A-Fence AIM plan (all inclusive maintenance plan) covers maintenance of electric fencing, gate motors, intercoms, beams/alarms and CCTV equipment. This all inclusive maintenance plan offers a one stop shop solution for all your security needs! AIM plans can be tailor made to meet your specific security requirements.
Our proactive AIM plan is four fold:

  • We provide proactive, monthly on-site testing
  • We provide  routine maintenance to all included security equipment
  • We cover the cost of all repairs, materials used and labour
  • Clients are entitled to unlimited call-outs on reported faults.

What are the advantages of having our AIM plan?

  • A one stop shop for all your security needs.
  • You make your problems ours- one call covers it all with easy fault reporting procedures.
  • Peace of mind- knowing that your security equipment is proactively tested and maintained.
  • Security equipment is kept at optimal working order- we use only the best materials.
  • No delays - dedicated professional teams for your property. We do not outsource.
  • Monthly reports and feedback on all call outs.
  • No longer having to deal with different unreliable contractors for various problems.
  • Cost effective- no more exorbitant call-out charges.
  • Stress-free security management!

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